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You’re life’s okay. It’s not like it sucks (well maybe it sucks a little), but it’s not what you really want… There’s something missing.


 You’ve finally reached that point where you’re done settling. Settling for an average job, okay relationships, or an all over ordinary life.


Good enough isn’t good enough anymore!


You’re ready to start living the life you deserve. A life that makes you happy and fulfilled. One that wakes you up excited for the day. A life that’s aligned with the real you, not the life you created after you stopped listening to yourself.


It happens to the best of us. You have amazing visions of what your life will be. You can see the house (or castle) that you call home. The job you look forward to. Relationships with your forever man & friends that love when your 100% you. Traveling to beautiful places. You have these visions because you know that you deserve to live the life you want.


But then, over time, something happens…



You start listening to the world. You hear “Don’t want too much” “Go for the safe option” “What if you pass on this and never get anything better””Its better to be safe than sorry” “It’s too good to be true” “Don’t set your sights too high” “That doesn’t happen to people like us.”


And before you know it, you can’t even hear that little voice inside anymore. You’ve made a million safe decisions, done all the right things, but there’s something missing.

It’s terrifying to realize that after all your hard work, you’re not where you want to be. And it’s even scarier when you don’t know how to fix it. 


So what if you wandered off your path for a bit, the path’s still there. It’s waiting patiently for you to find it again.


Sometimes it only takes a few small changes to align your life with your true self. Other times the changes are huge. But the result is always the same. You end up with a life that makes you down to your core happy.


I’ve been there, working my ass off doing all the “right things” and then I watch pissed off and frustrated as it all falls apart. I went to college, got good grades, married the “right” guy, but I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t what I really wanted.


Maybe if I was better?


I was so tired of being disappointed and feeling guilty because I wanted more. I wasn’t even exactly sure why I wasn’t happy.


I became a personal development junkie. Spending years and thousands of dollars on mindset, law of attraction, energy work. I’ve had coaches, completed tons of courses (some helped, some didn’t), read books, watched webinars and gone to retreats. All so that I could figure out how to create a life I was in love with.


You don’t have to do all that. You don’t have to waste weeks (months or years) or spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure all this stuff out on your own. I can help you with all this, it’s what I love to do.


It’s much easier to reach your goals when you have someone on your side who isn’t secretly hoping you’ll fail.


I’d love to help everyone, but some people are a better fit. When we work together we’re gonna have fun, but some tough shit is gonna come up. The stuff you feel guilty about thinking and feeling, that reveals a lot (good news is a lot of people feel just like you). We’ll explore, get creative, and make some huge shifts together.


When you work with me, you have someone who’s got your back 100%.


I’ll help you figure out how to be your unedited self, that powerful alter ego that’s been hiding inside you. As you reconnect with your inner voice, you’ll gain confidence, find hidden strengths, connect with your knowing of what’s right for YOU.


Together we’ll reconstruct your vision/dreams. Screw the shoulds and supposed tos, I help you figure out what you really want. This new vision will light you up, inspire you, and make you feel like a kid on Christmas morning. But, that’s nothing compared to how you’ll feel when it’s your reality.


Finally, we dissolve your blocks & put together a YOU-centered plan so you can get what you want faster & easier while having fun.(Between you & me..I can’t make myself do things if I don’t enjoy it).


Obviously, your next question is…

What’s it like to work with me?



First, the disclaimers: 

If you are one of those who yell FUDGE after you stub your toe on the coffee table or are fundamentally against using the F word as a conversation enhancer, I’m not for you. 

Also If quick action, responsibility, exploring your possibilities & powerful but sometimes strange sounding tools are not your thing, working with me is not for you. 

Because I pride myself on using tools & exercises that that work quickly & dig in deep. There’s no delicately peeling back 1 layer at a time. We are going to tear through your layers & get to the root of the problem. You’ve spent enough time immersed in a life you don’t love, it’s time you got out of there.

Just thought you should know.


If you’re thinking HELL YES, lets schedule a free call to figure out the best way to work together


Whether you just need a little help or a complete life overhaul, I offer a variety of options to help you exactly where you’re at.


When you work with me we will:

  • Take you from confused, overwhelmed and stuck to confident, clear and actionable
  • Deconstruct the vision of what you should want and create the vision you truly want
  • Reunite you with your inner voice (Your inner genius that KNOWS what’s right for you)
  • Outline a strategy to get you from where you are to where you want to be
  • Help you align with your true self, be confident in your choices and design your dream life
  • Add more of what you want to your life.
  • Find & release the crap that’s been holding you back & keeping you stuck.


Click a circle to find out how to work with me…










You Deserve to Live the Life YOU WANT….NOW!


“The more I sit with what we talked about the better I feel. If anyone is thinking about doing a call with this amazing lady, do it!! I’m also a huge fan of how many times we both said “fuck that” during the call. Your mindset work is spot on.” ~ Sarah S.


Create the Life You Want

Even if you don't know what that looks like...YET.
You're done settling! You know you deserve more and you're gonna get it.
I'll show you how.