This whole page has tools I use daily, Ones that have helped me grow my business, and the ones that have TRANSFORMED my life. I’ll grow the list as I find other things I can’t live without. I am an affiliate of some of these products. If you purchase something from this page, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Pic Monkey

This I use on my computer to edit photos. You can add words, create timeline photos, collages, crop, add filters. It’s endless what you can do. There are free and paid versions, so it’s great for wherever you are in your journey.

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Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

We all have money blocks that keep us from creating the life we dream of living. If you’re done with them and ready to destroy those blocks and create a whole new reality, this is for you. It’s an investment, but totally worth it. It becomes a way of life and you can use it again and again to keep growing and building.

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Tailor Made Online Business

Learn how to connect with yourself and the 5 parts of business to create a successful thriving business. Even when marketing strategies change, you can stay ahead of the game when your business comes from the space of authenticity.

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Inspired Health and Happiness Cleanses

One thing about working from home is your health can kinda struggle. You get so caught up in what you’re doing that you forget to eat, you eat crap, and there’s a lot of snacking. Honestly cleanses freaked me out, but this was so easy and packed with delicious food. It got rid of all my cleanse fears and become part of my lifestyle. Laurie has seasonal cleanses, group cleanses and ones you can do on your own. My first one was a group cleanse and it was fabulous. A ton of support and any questions I had were answered right away.

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Edgar is a scheduling tool that lets you organize your posts into categories so you can reuse the content that you want. It’s super easy and a huge timesaver.

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