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I absolutely LOOVE free stuff. It’s like presents, and who doesn’t like presents?


I added this page filled with presents for you!!!


Most of the stuff is mine, but some is stuff I’m in love with(& an affiliate for. So if you buy later I might get some Click on the pictures to claim the offers you want, choose as many as you want.

This is just the beginning…

There’s more to come!!!


Reconnect with Your Inner Voice in 5 Steps- You’ve spent years listening to everyone else and now you’re not sure what YOU WANT. You second guess all your choices & you’re not confident in your decisions. You have good reason to feel that way.

How many of your decisions have been WRONG for you?

You want to KNOW you’re making the RIGHT DECISIONS for you. Your inner voice KNOWS what you want, all you have to do is listen. Learn how to HEAR your inner voice in 5 steps.











Create Your Real Life Perfect Facebook Group- Ever since you were a kid, you envisioned your life would be a certain way. Now you’re all grown up and your life is not even close to the picture in your mind.

You’ve had ENOUGH!

Your ready to have that dream life and you know it’s going to take a lot more than happy thoughts to make it happen. It’s gonna take doing something completely different…and YOU’RE READY!







12 Days of Decluttering- I originally offered this in December, but it’s not seasonal. You can declutter anytime. Use it again and again to make even bigger changes. Decluttering is one of the easiest ways to transform your life. It gets rid of stuff that’s zapping your energy and makes room for the stuff you want to come into your life. This isn’t your regular decluttering challenge, during the 12 days you will declutter physical, mental, and emotional junk.


12day declutter










From Average to Kickass Life in 15 min a day- You have to be able to see the life you want before you can have it. With my visualization audio set you can step into the life you want to be living.

See yourself…
As the person who has everything you want & has reached all your goals…
Having the confidence to take action & know what’s the right choice for you…
Taking your opportunities…
Letting go of your blocks & resistance.

Listening to these audios daily will take you from where you are to where you want to be faster.












LUCKY BITCH Manifesting Formula- Fantastical is how I describe Denise. This woman changed my life and started me on my road to success. I can’t say enough good things about her. Her best-selling books and courses have helped thousands of entrepreneurs step-up to create success and abundance. Denise will share her process that will take you from “personal development junkie” into a manifesting MACHINE and money magnet.

Learn the practical manifesting formula that takes everything on your dream board into reality.












 How to track your income to create more abundance- Do you feel like you never have enough money? Don’t have a handle on how much you make (or spend)? Feel like you’re not hitting your financial goals but you’re not sure why?

Well, I’ve got some great news for you!

There’s a very simple (not scary) daily habit that has completely changed my relationship with money. Not just mine, but lots of women in the Lucky Bee community. Pretty much daily, I’ll see a post in our Bootcamp Facebook group saying, “Denise, I didn’t believe you but I did it and HOLY CRAP, you’re right!”


















Create the Life You Want

Even if you don't know what that looks like...YET.
You're done settling! You know you deserve more and you're gonna get it.
I'll show you how.