Design Your Real Life Perfect

A 6 Week Revamp

You deserve to live your dream life…right now. 

Wake up! When was the last time you were excited about your life?

I’m going to cut to the chase: You’re not happy.



But, you’re not quite sure why you can’t shake that feeling – unfulfilled, unhappy, just… ugh.  

Worse – you’re beating yourself up because you SHOULD be happy. 

I mean, your life looks GREAT on paper. 

You went to school, you got the job, you’re paying bills, you’re killing adulting.



So now you feel like an ungrateful asshole for ‘having it all’… but still feeling desperately unhappy.


You’d be the first to say your life LOOKS good.

It does. No really. I hear you.





Your job is SUCKING the life out of you.

You spend most of your time doing shit you HATE.

You’ve become this FAKE person pretending everything’s fine.

Going through the motions every day is draining, and leaves you feeling blah.





I mean, where’s the passion, the fun and the spontaneity in your life?

The freedom and inspiration?! 

…When was the last time you were truly excited about something?  




But how in the hell do you get from where you are now, to living the life you want? 

…especially if you aren’t even sure what that looks like?


It’s beyond frustrating, I know. I was in that same place, not too long ago. 

I felt so lost and I had no clue what I really wanted. 

I had spent years struggling to figure out what was missing in my life. I took classes, read books, attended retreats, watched videos and spent thousands of dollars searching for that elusive answer…

Guess what? 


Turns out, what was actually missing was me. 


I had spent so many years being someone that I thought I should be, someone that I thought other people wanted, I completely lost sight of who I was. 


Hell, at that point, I didn’t even know who I was! 


I felt like I was drowning in a sea of other people’s wants and desires…under pressure of trying to be exactly what I thought was expected of me from my family, friends and society. 


But I was ready to take back my life and start living in a way that felt right to me. 


Although it took me about 2 years to figure it out, once I did, things started shifting…fast.



I’m Andrea Richie, your Personal Transformation Concierge. 


me oregon

I help smart driven women create the changes they want in their life in a way that aligns with their true self, without having to start over. 

I’ve spent more than a decade learning powerful tools and concepts that have completely transformed my life. And I’ve been using these exact tools to help people make those same incredible changes in their life. 

But I knew I wanted to help more people to break free from the blah, and experience the amazing changes that I experienced when I ‘woke up’.


You deserve to live a life that makes you feel nothing short of amazing.

It’s my purpose in life to help you find it.


That’s why I’ve created my “Design Your Real Life Perfect” Course. 

DYRLP is a 6-week, self-paced course designed to help you 

  • reconnect with your true self
  • get crystal clear on what you want in your life, and
  • create a plan to get you exactly where you want to be


Imagine…in 6-weeks, you could be in love with your life. 


But let me be clear – this course isn’t for everyone. If you’re not ready to make a change, this isn’t the place for you. If you don’t want to get a little uncomfortable, to go deep, and to come out the other side feeling truly ALIVE, with a life you LOVE, then I’d suggest we’re not a good fit for each other. 


I’m all about helping my tribe create the life they want – no excuses, no fluff. Just direction, support and the keys to unlock the potential for what your life could be. 


You deserve to live the life you want. Even if you don’t know exactly what that life looks like, simply knowing that you want to create a change in your life is all you need to start. 


We spend so much time doing all the things we think we’re supposed to do, that we forget what we really wanted in the first place. We are brainwashed into believing that our “looks good on paper” life is what we should be satisfied with. 


It’s totally ok to have everything you thought you wanted, but to realize that what you really want, is something more.  


I want you to find that “missing piece” NOW. 

I want you to be empowered to live a life that YOU WANT to live.

I don’t want you to blink and realize years have passed and you’re still not happy. 



So let’s get started on revamping your life…right now. 




I have spent over 10 years and thousands of dollars studying personal development, law of attraction, energy work, NLP and mentoring. I’ve taken the best of what I learned and put it together into one juicy bundle of a course so you can create the life you want faster and easier


This program is POWERFUL. You’ll experience massive shifts. You’ll learn how to find your own answers so at the end of 6 weeks you’ll move forward with confidence, clarity & a unique strategy to create the life that you daydream about.


These methods have helped hundreds of people transform their lives from “okay” to “extraordinary.”




The Course Breakdown



Reconnect with your inner voice

☆Get rid of the all the external noise and mind chatter and learn how to hear your inner voice

☆Muscle Testing to get a clear “Yes” or “No” so you can easily communicate with your inner voice

☆How to ask for a sign and how to recognize when that sign is given to you

☆Finding your beliefs



Let go of guilt and limitations

☆Create boundaries and learn how to make yourself a priority 

☆Learn to receive without feeling guilty

☆Find your inner strengths that inspire you.


☆Discover what you’re tolerating & how it could be holding you back



Discover what you really want

☆How getting out of your comfort zone can actually show you what you want

☆Use what you already love about your life to create more opportunities for happiness

☆Why following your curiosity is the fastest way to figure out what you want

☆What are you manifesting







Create your vision

☆How to identify and use your core values to create a life that makes you happy

☆The reason the stuff you’re good at might be making you unhappy (and how to fix it!)

☆How to create a vision that aligns with your true self

☆The “bad” in your good and why not knowing this can sabotage you



Putting together a you-centered plan

☆How to create a plan that uses your natural strengths

☆Figure out what your vision costs

☆How to create a step-by-step plan so you don’t get overwhelmed



Inspired Action: let’s put your plan to work

☆How post-its can transform your mindset

☆Break down your plan to create success faster

☆How to figure out your first steps.

☆You didn’t come this far just to come this far




You also get…attractive woman with laptop in home

•Membership to a private FB group where you can get support, ask questions and celebrate your wins.

•A weekly group Q&A call.

•Weekly tools, micro-lessons, worksheets and bonuses, so you can start changing your life immediately.



With these exact tools and lessons, I was able to completely transform my life. 


I went from struggling to get up in the morning and crying in the shower, to waking up excited about my day. 

I went from a job that was sucking the life out of me to starting my own business. And then I created so much success in that business, that I was able to leave my job and help even more people. 

My relationships changed too. There’s a lot less fighting and drama. I felt loved and valued and special. There was more kindness and generosity. I now have deeper relationships, instead of a bunch of fair-weather friends.


And I know this will all work for you too. 



As I started seeing amazing results in my life, I began to share what I was doing with others…and they started seeing results too. They started getting the things they wanted, really fast

They were creating lives and business aligned with their dreams and deepest desires! They were happier, had better relationships, were spending their time doing more of what they wanted.

I know you’re probably wondering, “Andrea, what makes this course different than the other “self-help” programs out there?”


Let me clarify.

1. This is not a cookie-cutter program. Because, well, there’s no cookie-cutter fix. Everyone is different. In DYRLP, I don’t tell you what you want, I help you figure it out yourself.

2. You’ve got enough on your plate, the last thing you want is pile on more. The tools and strategies I teach you are easy to integrate into your life. I want you to be able to implement them now.

3. These strategies are ones you can use again and again, as you grow and as your vision changes. (So, basically, this one program will cover you for life.)


…Still on the fence? 


Here’s my promise to you. 

By the end of this program you will no longer feel like something is missing in your life. 

You will feel happy, fulfilled and passionate. 

You will embrace your inner strengths and desires. 

You will feel 100% confident in taking a path that is deeply and wonderfully aligned with you. 


My Exclusive VIP Bundle

I know you’re ready to change, but I know it can be scary…especially when the change you want is BIG or you have no idea what you want. That’s exactly when my VIP Bundle will help you the most.
With my VIP bundle, you’re never in this alone.
Here’s what you get: 
~ DYRLP Course
~ 6 weeks of unlimited, exclusive email & FB messenger access to me. (If you have questions, are struggling or feeling a bit confused…help is just an email away!)
~ 6 private, 1-hour Skype sessions (you have 8 weeks to use them) This means I will be around to help during that crucial implementation time. 
~ This amazing offer lets you work one-on-one with me at a fraction of the cost, so I only offer the VIP Bundle a couple times a year and there are limited spots open. 
So, are you ready to Design Your Real Life Perfect? 

Join Design Your Real Life Perfect and you’ll have everything you need to create a life that’s fun, inspired and fully aligned with YOU.


Here’s how the whole thing works….laptop8

•You pick! You can just get the DYRLP program or you can upgrade to the Exclusive VIP Bundle where you get the program, 6 private Skype calls with me & unlimited email access to me for 8 weeks.

•Then you choose between 1, 2, & 3 payments.

•Click the life changing button and scroll down to the bottom of the page to choose your payment option.

•You’ll set up your log in information

•You’ll get a welcome email

•You’ll have 24/7 access to the course and private Facebook Group



Q- What if I don’t know what I want?
DYRLP is perfect for you. By the time you finish this course you’ll be able to confidently say you know what you want and be on your way to having it.
Q- Is this course only for woo-woo types?
Nope. This course is for anyone who’s serious about creating the life they know (deep down) they deserve. There are tools and exercises in this course designed for every level of woo. Use only the ones that feel good to you.
Q- Do you offer Payment Plans?
Yes! I want everyone to be able to have the life they want. You can pay in full or choose between 2 or 3 monthly payments. When you select “Order NOW,” you’ll be given the option to choose your preferred payment plan.
Q- What is the Refund Policy?
I don’t do them! Why? Because this course is incredible. If you’re thinking about purchasing, make sure that you feel 100% ready to do the work! See, I know that if you take the course seriously and do the work (while having fun with it, of course!), you will start transforming your life, quickly!

Create the Life You Want

Even if you don't know what that looks like...YET.
You're done settling! You know you deserve more and you're gonna get it.
I'll show you how.