Live Your Life Every Day (not just on the weekend)

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You work all week. Then the weekend gets here & you try to pack your whole life into 2 days. You do everything that there wasn’t time for or you were too tired to do during the week.


Your weekend is when you have your girls night out. You go to parties & concerts or have a spa day. It’s where you fit in family time.


On top of the fun stuff, you have life maintenance to take care of. You clean the house, do laundry & prep food for the week. You go shopping, run errands & catch up on your shows. If you have kids, you can add practices, games, and whatever other activities they do to your weekend list.


You’re tired of trying to pack your whole life into 2 days. 


When you think about it, your weekend is WAYYY more packed than any weekday, but that doesn’t change the fact that during the week  you feel unbalanced, overwhelmed, & exhausted.


The way things are going now, you barely have time to enjoy anything. 


But, what if you didn’t have to pack your whole life into 2 days?

What if you could live your life every day?

Imagine how your life would change if you did things you loved every day. You had time for you & your family. 


You DESERVE to enjoy all your life. Not just 30% of it.


Live Your Life walks you through…

  • Figuring out how you really want to spend your day. There’s no generic “I wish I had more time for me.” I’ll show you how to figure out what that means to you. We’ll figure out what things you want to add to get the most out of your time.
  • My emotion hack to get you more of what you want.
  • Putting it all together so that you spend time doing more of what makes you happy & sometimes even eliminating the things that drain your time & energy.


Live Your Life Every Day will show you simple powerful tools that will let you take your life back for only $58.


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F*ck the Shoulds: A Guide to getting out of your own way

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You have BIG dreams, but you can never quite make them happen. You’ve tried everything. You get close, but there’s something missing. You’d give anything if you could just figure it out.

You can.

Sometimes the problem is it’s too simple. We feel like the big things need to be hard or complicated, so that’s what we create.


F*ck the Shoulds is broken down into the 4 ways we hold ourselves back. Vision, mindset, aligning & doing. When one of these are holding you back, it’s like hiking with a rock in your shoe. You can get to where you want to go, but it’s gonna be painful. You’re gonna want to stop. And it’ll take a whole lot longer to get there.


Everybody talks about vision. It shows you where you’re trying to go. But, no one talks about how to make sure your vision is YOURS. A huge part of the problem (the reason so many people are unhappy with their lives) is you’re trying to live someone else’s vision. I show you easy ways to create a vision that’s uniquely yours.


Learn how to take your mindset to the next level. Your mind is sneaky, but it really does have your best interests at heart. It’s just trying to keep you safe & happy. You get stuck when the 2 of you have different ideas on what will make that happen. F*ck the Shoulds will show you how to get your mindset on board.


Being Aligned has become the new IT thing, but what does it mean? I’ll explain it all (it’s pretty simple) & show you easy ways to shift into alignment.


Finally we finish with daily practices to get the most out of your efforts. Don’t worry, we’re not adding a bunch of extra stuff to your day, we’ll put together ways to make these things part of what you’re already doing. 


F*ck the Shoulds shows you how to get all of these pieces to work together. It brings you back to the basics. Combine mindset with powerful tools & it’s easy to get out of your own way. Then the results you’ve been chasing finally begin showing up minus the struggle.


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Design Your Real Life Perfect



Your life isn’t making you as happy as it could be. You feel unfulfilled & drained. You’ve had ENOUGH.

Maybe you don’t know how to create the life you want or you’re not even really sure what that life looks like. All you know for sure is you have people that depend on you, you have bills to pay & you don’t have months to spend alone so you can “find” yourself. You’re busy.

This 6 week intensive is like nothing you’ve ever done before.

It doesn’t give you all the answers…

It does something way more POWERFUL.

It shows you how to find YOUR answers using powerful tools that fit into your life & busy schedule so that you can build on where you are & create the life you’ve been dreaming about faster & easier. No more jumping from coach to coach or program to program looking for your magic fix. 


You have lifetime access to the course & private Facebook group. Go through the course at your own pace & come back to it when you outgrow your current vision & are ready to create something even BIGGER. 

Week 1 Deep Down You Know What You Want (Reconnecting with Your Inner Voice)

Week 2 You’re worth it (Letting Go of Guilt and Limitations)

Week 3 Hi, have you met me? (Discovering what you really want)

Week 4 I AM Worthy (Creating your vision)

Week 5 This is How We Do It (Putting together a YOU-centered plan)

Week 6 You are the only one who can stop you  ( Inspired action, putting your plan to work)

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Create the Life You Want

Even if you don't know what that looks like...YET.
You're done settling! You know you deserve more and you're gonna get it.
I'll show you how.